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What Will Value Based Purchasing Mean for Your Hospital?

For years, hospitals throughout the U.S. have diligently submitted their quarterly clinical measures and HCAHPS survey results to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to comply with the “Pay for Reporting” program, in which hospitals receive their full CMS reimbursement for allowing CMS to publicly report results on the Hospital Compare website. The stakes rise considerably on October 1, 2012; however, as the industry moves from “Pay for Reporting” to “Pay for Performance” under the CMS Value Based Purchasing Program. As of October 1st, a hospital’s reimbursement will actually be based on how it performs on 20 quality indicators. In this article, we look first at HCAHPS results by themselves and then examine findings when HCAHPS and clinical scores are viewed simultaneously for each hospital.

It also addresses:

  • How hospitals are improving nationally, and what that means for individual organizations
  • How small hospitals are top performers
  • Who will benefit from Value Based Purchasing
  • The role of clinical scores in value based purchasing
  • The implications of value based purchasing for hospitals

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