Through our work with HealthStream Coaches, we have been able to teach our nurses and physicians several simple techniques to help improve our communication with our patients and families and engage key clinical leaders to help start down the path of building a truly patient-centered organization.

—David Zaas, MD, MBA, President, Duke Raleigh Hospital

Coaching to Help Organizations Achieve Patient-Centered Excellence


Having coached over 350 organizations since 2007, let us help you keep the patient at the center of everything you do. Our tools, tactics and best practices are evidence-based and outcomes driven. Our coaches have proven track records of helping ambulatory organizations improve physician and workforce engagement, elevate the patient and family experience, and achieve quality outcomes.

Meet the Coaches

What's to Blame for Disengaged Physicians?

Physician engagement is an integral part of sustaining excellence in the patient experience. Focused efforts can lead to maximized reimbursements as well as the achievement of quality and financial performance goals.

Empower Your Internal Champions to Lead Sustainable Change

Transform subject matter experts into capable trainers – the most efficient route to achieving your team’s goals of patient experience excellence, cultural transformation, and use of proven tactics to achieve and sustain success – with HealthStream’s Train-the-Trainer solution.

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