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An Innovative Solution for Professional Portfolio Management

The goal of ePortfolio is simple—to provide healthcare professionals with one location to store all professional accomplishments, activities, and credentials achieved throughout their healthcare career. In addition to providing free electronic storage of professional documentation and data, ePortfolio also produces a customizable resume that can be used during annual evaluations, promotions, and other opportunities for growth and development. Healthcare leaders can also access individual employee records and documentation via the HealthStream administration panel. 


  • Unified professional profile page
  • Integration with the HealthStream Learning Center and HealthStream Core platform
  • Generate formatted resume
  • Document management – Upload and link files to profile elements

Simplify Magnet Data Collection and Reporting

Whether you are seeking or maintaining Magnet designation, every hospital on the Magnet journey is required to submit demographic nursing data on an annual basis. HealthStream’s Portfolio Assistant helps to ease the burden of data collection, validation, mapping, and reporting for the DDCT®.


  • Assign Profile Activity to nurses for data collection
  • Manage data collection through assignment completion reports
  • Map internal job titles and departments to Magnet categories
  • Validate data accuracy and generate reports for education and certification data based on Magnet format requirements

Analyze the Profile Your Workforce with Robust Data Visualization and Reporting

Workforce Profile Dashboard provides healthcare leaders with the tools to easily monitor the professional activities and achievements of the healthcare workforce. At a click of a button you can see who within your organization has a bachelor’s degree or higher, who has a specialty certification, who has worked in a specialty for longer than 2 years, which physicians have been published, total number of RNs or a breakdown by department, and more. This type of insight can be used to influence clinical ladder programs, identify mentorship and training needs, or recognition opportunities.


  • Data visualization dashboard
  • Track and manage progress over a timeline for key demographic data
  • Discover high achievers and engage in clinical ladder programs
  • Generate targeted groups of students for mentorship programs
  • Robust filtering capabilities
  • Find unique opportunities to engage with your staff
ePortfolio provides a means through which nurses can record and provide evidence of skills, achievements, experience, professional development and ongoing learning, not only for themselves, but for the information and scrutiny of registration boards, employers, managers and peers.

—Faculty of Health, University of Technology

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