• By 2024
    healthcare will be the largest employer in the nation
  • 75%
    of current nurse leaders are planning to retire by 2020
  • 1/2M
    healthcare job openings currently remain unfilled

Explore Online Education for Leadership Development

Online Education for Developing Nurse Managers


The Frontline Nurse Leader – A Charge Nurse Program: Based on CNML Competencies, this program can be used as a precursor to nurse manager education or as a stand-alone educational program for frontline nurse leaders not planning to move into management.


Nurse Manager Certificate Program: This program encompasses the tools necessary for today’s nurse managers to thrive. It includes courses ranging from project management and staff development to ethics and recognizing legal issues.


Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation (ENMO): The first comprehensive e-learning program for new nurse managers This program sets the national standard for nurse manager training using a self-paced, engaging design that is suitable regardless of knowledge, motivation, computer experience or technical access.

Online Education for Developing Preceptors


Preceptor Certificate Program (formerly named Preparing the Preceptor): The program is designed to prepare preceptors for their critical role in orienting new registered nurses to the perioperative environment.


Preparing the Preceptor: This CE module is designed to give the reader/learner an increased understanding of helping novice nurses overcome reality shock, including information on challenges encountered when transitioning to the professional nurse role, stages of reality shock, and fostering a supportive relationship with the novice nurse.


The Preceptor Challenge: In this innovative course, new preceptors interact with virtual preceptees, allowing them to learn in a safe environment and increasing  their confidence level.

Online Education for Developing the Clinical Nurse at the Bedside


Clinical Leadership Development Program: The 10 module program is designed to motivate and empower clinical nurses at the bedside to become leaders in their practice environment.

HealthStream Succession Management

High performance does not automatically imply high potential for future healthcare leadership. Organizations must steer the right employees toward leadership to build the expertise necessary to thrive amidst tomorrow’s challenges.  Using a validated, predictive leadership assessment model, the HealthStream Succession Management tool allows organizations to identify true future leaders by assessing against proven, healthcare-specific leadership competencies.


  • Uncover critical insights about leadership strengths and weaknesses and how to manage key individuals toward success in the organization
  • Identify those who can best lead the organization through future business challenges

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Not only do facilities now face a huge number of retirements over the next 5 – 7 years that will cause staffing shortages, but they should also be concerned about the wealth of knowledge that will be walking out their doors.”

—Susan Root, MSN, RN, CNOR and Manager, AORN

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