• 47%
    of all low risk hospital deaths are caused by maternal obstetric complications
  • 40%
    of value-based incentive payments are based on outcomes measures
  • 19%
    of nurses reported using equipment improperly

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Improve Perinatal Outcomes

HealthStream’s OB Risk program provides a concise, focused learning series that ensures maximum knowledge acquisition and retention which strengthens the ability of nursing staff to conduct electronic fetal monitoring, thereby improving care and mitigating risk. The program also includes a clinical reasoning assessment through the creative use of virtual simulation.


  • Knowledge pre-assessment to help individualize focus
  • Six competency-based modules related to high-risk patient safety issues
  • “Right-size” learning modules maintain learner engagement, reinforce key learning, and promote retention
  • Virtual microsimulations enhance critical thinking skills
  • Learning performance dashboard to enable informed decision-making

Improve Core Measures and Value-Based Outcomes

The Outcomes & Indicators Course Library was developed at the request of many clients, to address some of the most challenging issues for inpatient care in a format conducive to the fast-paced environment of healthcare. We understand that in order for organizations to meet ever-evolving quality standards and provide excellent patient care, clinicians must understand the most up-to-date evidence-based interventions. This library bundle includes 12 highly-interactive courses that get straight to the point and allow nurses to absorb knowledge quickly.


  • Addresses some of the most devastating and costly medical diagnoses facing healthcare today like, AMI, Blood Transfusion Safety, CAUTI, Heart Failure, Pneumonia, Stroke Care, SSI, Pressure Ulcers, and more.
  • Provides life-saving interventions and strategies to reduce the cost of care and length of stay

Do you have a plan to reduce adverse events related to improper use of medical products? 

Design a Medical Product Training Program with engaging, interactive courseware from leading manufacturers to reduce adverse events and enable more efficient device training.

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