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Online Education to Help You on Your Journey

Orientation Programs

Evidence-based orientation for critical care nurses.

Step by step interactive education on each aspect of ECG interpretation.

AACN The Preceptor Challenge
Universally accepted guidelines for preceptors.

AORN Periop 101
26 critical and engaging modules to prepare nursing staff to enter or return to the OR.

Pediatric Learning Solutions (PLS) Essentials of Pediatric Critical Care Orientation (EPCCO) and Essentials of Neonatal Critical Care Orientation (ENCCO)
Evidence-based, standardized education for clinicians treating fragile, critically-ill children.

ANA Nursing Library

Including topics on Bullying in the Workplace, Navigating Diversity, and Innovation, courses from the American Nurses Association provide information on key topics to ease the transition from nursing school to practice.

STTI Surviving Your First Years as a Nurse

  • Dealing with Difficult Patients
  • Legal Risks As a Nurse
  • Advancing Your Nursing Career
  • Transitioning from Student to Professional Nurse
  • Social media for Healthcare Providers
  • Bullying: A Nurse-to-Nurse Dilemma


AACN The Preceptor Challenge
New preceptors interact with virtual preceptees to learn in a safe environment and boost their confidence.

AORN Preparing the Preceptor
Ensure that clinically excellent nurses are prepared to be strong preceptors.


STTI Nurse Manager Certificate Program
Best-in-class nurse manager courses resulting from a landmark partnership between AACN and the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE).

The first comprehensive e-learning program for new nurse managers.

HealthStream The Frontline Nurse Leader: A Charge Nurse Program
Based on CNML Competencies, this program can be used as a precursor to nurse manager education or as a stand-alone educational program for frontline nurse leaders not planning to move into management.

AMSN Clinical Leadership Development Program
Provides a basic understanding of the critical role nursing leadership plays in Core Measures and CAHPS.

Not only do facilities now face a huge number of retirements over the next 5 – 7 years that will cause staffing shortages, but they should also be concerned about the wealth of knowledge that will be walking out their doors...

— Susan Root, MSN, RN, CNOR Manager of Perioperative Education, AORN

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