Coaching to Help Organizations Achieve Patient-Centered Excellence


Having coached over 350 organizations since 2007, let us help you keep the patient at the center of everything you do. Our tools, tactics and best practices are evidence-based and outcomes driven. Our coaches have proven track records of helping ambulatory organizations improve physician and workforce engagement, elevate the patient and family experience, and achieve quality outcomes.

Meet the Coaches

Educate Staff to Change Behavior through Courseware

Millions of healthcare professionals across all care settings use the HealthStream Learning Center every day. From powerful automation and valuable reporting to a library of over 20,000 courses, we built the Learning Center with your specific needs in mind. 

The Language of Caring for Physicians

The Language of Caring for Physicians strengthens seven critical communication competencies key to patient-centered care. In brief modules, it provides advanced skills and concrete tips for connecting with and engaging patients, demonstrating mindfulness, communicating with empathy, providing effective explanations, and heightening team communication, respect, and collaboration, and navigating hard conversations—all while engaging and revitalizing physician energy and commitment. 

The Language of Caring for Staff

The Language of Caring for Staff helps everyone in your organization communicate with empathy and caring, so patients, families and coworkers feel their caring and become more trusting, less anxious, and engaged.  The results: An energized, gratified workforce, a stellar patient experience, improved safety, higher CAHPS scores, and better outcome

Empower Your Internal Champions to Lead Sustainable Change

Transform subject matter experts into capable trainers – the most efficient route to achieving your team’s goals of patient experience excellence, cultural transformation, and use of proven tactics to achieve and sustain success – with HealthStream’s Train-the-Trainer solution.

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