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For more than 25 years, more than 4,000 healthcare organizations have partnered with HealthStream to fulfill their promise of high quality care.

BJC HealthCare
The Provider Data Management Center allows us to eliminate the duplication of effort while increasing accuracy. By utilizing Echo, we have increased the satisfaction of and communication with, our physicians.
Christy Treacy
Manager, CVO and Provider Data Management Center

BJC HealthCare

BJC had approximately 160 Information System applications that each contained independently managed physician and/or provider tables. This made errors more prevalent.

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downstream systems fed information daily
Automating Reference Verifications using Echo's email and survey tools has expedited our client response times!
Marsha Hall


CredentialsOnLine performs primary source verification for over 25 different types of providers and organizations. The services provided are based on the client’s unique needs and specific requirements.

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improvement in turnaround time
Nashville General Hospital at Meharry
This year was the first time we didn’t have to manually prepare packets for all the doctors being recredentialed. Now that’s progress!
Robbie Newlin
Medical Staff Coordinator

Nashville General Hospital at Meharry

Prior to implementing Echo, the reappointment process required two FTEs for five business days — and perhaps six sacrificed trees and seven bursting file cabinets. The reappointment process required a total of 80 hours. The process revised with Echo requires just one FTE for three hours — a savings of 77 hours.

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decrease in reappointment time
Penn Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Penn Medicine’s Medical Staff Office team was able to accomplish the organization-wide roll-out largely due to the strength of existing interdepartmental relationships between the chairs, committees, Information Systems, and the Medical Staff Office.
Penn Medicine
at the University of Pennsylvania

Penn Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

The Penn Medicine MSO made a strategic decision to streamline and automate their processes. The credentialing review process was an important part of that effort.

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credentialed providers

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