RQI BLS (Pediatric Focus)

Designed for pediatric providers, the latest installment of RQI BLS training places a needed emphases on infant CPR skills by spending the first few quarters focused on infant skills, rather than waiting until later in the curriculum.  

Measure and Improve Resuscitation Performance 

Analytics for RQI® is a suite of tools that allows Administrators to manage, analyze, and visualize data from the RQI Program. The information is arranged in “stacks” and is presented visually to provide more information on compliance, skills activities, cognitive activities, as well as a leaderboard. 

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Illinois Valley Community Hospital
This allows all patient care staff to have a comfort level that they are doing CPR correctly—they know because they’ve just done it. People believe that this is going to make them better at this skill. It provides them with the insight to do it better every time.
Renee Rebholz
Director of Education

Illinois Valley Community Hospital

IVCH learned about RQI and the Simulation Station—a mobile cart that contains everything needed for quarterly training— adult and infant Voice-Assisted Manikins (VAMs), bag-valve masks, and a tablet computer. The impact on competence and training efficiency was very persuasive. 

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