HFMA Training Offered Through HealthStream

As part of HealthStream’s Revenue Cycle Solution, we have partnered with the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) to provide education, resources, and certifications to support all aspects of the revenue cycle. Using the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) to access HFMA course offerings, leaders will empower employees involved with revenue cycle operations to directly contribute to managing the bottom line efficiently and effectively.

Optimization Through Education

HealthStream's Revenue Cycle Solution enables staff members to become more efficient and effective throughout the entire revenue cycle process. Take a look at an example of a curriculum tailored specifically to employees involved in the claims management process:

HFMA Patient Financial Communications

HFMA Patient Financial Communications provides a comprehensive training program based on HFMA Best Practice Recommendations to educate patient-facing staff on difficult and critical conversations about patient’s financial responsibility for healthcare services. Scenario-based lessons include modules for Advance of Service, Time of Service, and Emergency Department (ED) situations.

HFMA e2 Learning Library – Revenue Cycle

HFMA e2 Learning Library: Revenue Cycle addresses staff competency gaps in an easy and efficient manner in each professional practice area, including revenue cycle performance improvement, accounts processing and denials management, CCI edits, IPPS/OPPS, Medicare billing, and claims form completion. 

HFMA Denials Management

HFMA Denials Management contains three courses focused on managing, preventing, and appealing denials. Special attention is given to denials associated with ICD-10 and their impact on revenue cycle efficiency and productivity.

nThrive Education – Clinical Revenue Cycle

nThrive Education - Clinical Revenue Cycle has been specifically designed to provide essential training to Clinical Department Staff on their role in the revenue cycle. The content is tailored to busy clinicians and technicians to help mitigate financial and compliance risk, optimize patient satisfaction, and cultivate a more resilient revenue cycle. 

Our Partners Are Revenue Cycle Experts

Intended as an alternative to outsourcing, we provide healthcare facilities with the ability to educate current staff on how their individual roles impact the organization’s bottom-line. Leveraging courseware from nThrive Education and HFMA, healthcare organizations can access industry-specific curriculums covering every aspect of the revenue cycle.

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