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Improve resuscitation proficiency

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Easily meet regulatory requirements

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Save money

Is your resuscitation program flexible and easy to use?

Despite rising costs of training, resuscitation rates have not improved in the last decade. Even more concerning is the 42% disparity in the odds of survival post-resuscitation across similar healthcare organizations and cases. That means we can make a difference. The American Red Cross is committed to driving the next decade of quality improvement in resuscitation through continued innovation and accessibility by lowering costs industry-wide.

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A resuscitation program built with you in mind.

We understand your need to deliver quality care and remain compliant while staying on budget. Using the most modern technologies and highest impact learning design, your learners will gain confidence from our real-world, adaptive approach to resuscitation competency development. Every element is focused on improving critical thinking and response time, optimizing a team approach, and decreasing the burden on organizational leaders.

The American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite will empower your team to:

Develop High-Performing Resuscitation Teams_C

Develop high-performing resuscitation teams

Time Saving Plans_G

Reduce time to competence with personalized plans


Easily manage compliance with cascading insights and reminder tools


Red Cross HealthStream Product

Program features

  • Follow well-established guidelines for U.S. resuscitation programs
  • Reduce seat time through personalized learning plans, including powerful video using real clinicians and purposeful debriefing
  • Choose your preferred skills practice interval (3, 6. 12, 24 months)
  • Promote mastery through immediate and objective skills feedback, including learner scorecard and blood perfusion on the manikin


  • Ensure portability with lightweight manikins and easy setup via Bluetooth
  • Access digital certificates as the student, manager or administrator
  • Easily manage program compliance through enterprise and department-level insights and internal communications
  • Remain up-to-date with our free, weekly webinars and online community

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Has your organization embraced the future of resuscitation training?

Improve CPR consistency & accuracy with the latest manikin technology.

Client Spotlight

Exceptional adaptive learning methodology and newer manikin technology with more effective visual feedback

Lynn T. Simon

M.D. & CMO


The Red Cross program allows for a quantifiable assessment of performance to a standard that can be replicated across the organization. We now have an accurate, measurable way of assessing performance to improve CPR effectiveness.

Russell Smith

Sim Education Manager

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center



Facilities are using the smarter more flexible choice


Reduction in seat time


Adopted in all 50 states in the U.S.

Meet Regulations_G

Resuscitation Training Standards & Guidelines

Stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines for resuscitation training

As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Looking for ways to reduce seat time and cut hard costs?
  • Frustrated with continuous price increases without any outcome improvement?
  • Ready to learn why there is such disparity in survival rates post-cardiac arrest?
  • Open to considering a smarter, more flexible choice for high quality resuscitation?

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See for yourself how The American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ can help your organization save time and money, develop high performance resuscitation teams and ease the burden of program management by deploying the same science in new, innovative ways.